About big business vision

Why Big Business Vision? Let’s start with three simple reasons…


I believe we all have untapped potential, and collaboration is the best way to unlock that potential.


I am relentlessly optimistic, and love working with others who share that same bright outlook.


I get a huge thrill out of being part of someone else’s success – it’s my guilty pleasure.


BIG BUSINESS VISION enables me to come together with business owners who are truly excited and energised about the opportunities ahead.

Quite simply, enormous satisfaction comes from taking something that is already good and helping it become outstanding.



I’m a former investment banker. Throughout my banking career I was fortunate to work with some inspiring leaders and hire and manage some great people. I ran a sales business in Europe, covering global clients and generating in excess of £150m in gross profits annually.

My mantra was always: “How can I over-deliver?”.

How can I consistently exceed client expectations? How can I blow people away with the quality of my work? How can I get the best out of my people?

This is the mindset and discipline that I bring to Big Business Vision.


Now I’m fortunate to be working with talented and ambitious business owners, helping them on their paths to even brighter futures.

And here’s the thing – many of the business development skills and best practices which I used in investment banking are applicable to your business today.

I am also a qualified Executive Coach, and run my own coaching practice. I will bring many useful coaching techniques to the table as we process issues and build an even brighter future for your business.

I work independently, so it will be me collaborating with you and your chosen colleagues to take your company to the next level.

Ian Morgan
Owner of Big Business Vision

I’ve got the right tools,
let me help you



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